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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Cash Converters?

We're Singapore's favourite place to buy and sell and the world's largest second hand dealer. There are 6 stores around Singapore.

Cash Converters offers an alternative to selling via the classified adverts in newspapers, car boot sales or over the Internet. The advantage is the immediacy of the process, as instant cash is paid once the price has been agreed. Cash Converters takes in household products such as TV's, Hi-Fi, Electrical Appliances, Computers, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments etc. Items such as Clothing, Books and Magazines, Bulky Furniture and Large Electronics such as Refrigerators and Washing Machines are usually not traded. All goods that the public sell to Cash Converters must be in working condition and have a resale value.

Customers who visit the Buys Room tend to be those who are upgrading and are looking to sell their old item to help finance a new purchase. There are also those who need some extra cash - and can get it by selling items that they no longer need or use.

Each Cash Converters store is divided into two sections: the Buys Room (where individuals can go to a counter to sell their goods) and the Retail Section (where individuals can browse and shop through our large selection of used and new goods). We are also an authorized recycling centre listed by NEA.

What is Online Auctions?

Online auctions are sales transactions that result from a competitive bidding process conducted over the Internet.

How to Join?

You only need to fill-up the registration form and activate your bidding account. Activation link will be sent via SMS to your mobile number.

Why do I need to provide my mobile number when registering?

Bidder account activation will be sent via SMS. Also, this is to avoid bogus bidder from registering and joining the auctions.

Why do I need to provide my email account when registering?

To start bidding, bidder must login using their email account and password. All notifications will be sent via email. It is very important that the bidder provide a correct and active email account.

What is Minimum Bid?

This is the lowest bid amount that will be accepted from the bidder.

What is Bidding Increment?

Is the minimum bid amount increase.

  • Below $50 in bidding rises in increments of $1
  • Between $50-$99 in bidding rises in increments of $5
  • Between $100-$199 in bidding rises in increments of $10
  • Between $200-$499 in bidding rises in increments of $20
  • Between $500-$999 in bidding rises in increments of $50
  • Above $1000 in bidding rises in increments of $100

What is Cash Converters Lucky Draw Auction?

An auction with fixed bid amount. Winner will be randomly drawn after the auction ended.

Can I view the item before I bid and where?

Yes, we encourage all bidders to visit our Collection Centre to view the items to see the actual condition.

21 Ubi Road 1 #01-01
Singapore 408724
Monday-Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)
Contact No.: 6744 8682

How do I know if I win the auction?

The system will automatically send an email notification to the auction winner after the auction ended. It is very important that the bidder provide a correct and active email account.

What are the payment method accepted?

We accept online payment via Paypal and offline payment of Cash, Nets, Visa Master Debit/Credit Card at our Collection Centre.

Where to pay and collect the purchased items?

If you choose to pay offline, you can make your payment at our Collection Centre. Just show the email received from us for confirmation.

21 Ubi Road 1 #01-01
Singapore 408724
Monday-Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)
Contact No.: 6744 8682

If our timing is not possible for you, please contact us and we will sort it out at your convenience.

Why can't I access my Bidder Account?

It is either you haven't activated your bidder account, login using wrong email and password or your bidder account has been blocked by our auction admin. You can contact our auction admin for assistance at 6744 8682.

What is the reason why bidder account being blocked?

If bidder never settle their purchased payment within 4 days from the date sold. Once bidder account has been blocked, bidder can no longer join the auction and other future auctions of Cash Converters Singapore.

Can I collect the item at any Cash Converters store?

Yes, but you have to pay the item first thru online payment then we will send to your preferred Cash Converters store to collect the item.


Our Head Office:
21 Ubi Road 1, #01-01 Singapore 408724
Monday-Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

Contact No.: (+65) 6744 8682

Email: Click Here To Email Us.